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Double eccentric semi-ball valve

Product model: PQ341F/H/W/Y
Nominal pressure: PN1.6~ 10.0mpa Calss150~600Lb
General diameter: DN15~1200mm nps1/2 "~48"
Design specification: API 6D API 608 BS 5351 GB/T12237
Structure length: ASME B16.10 GB/T12221
Flange connection: ASME b16.5gb /T9113
Test and inspection: GB/T 13927 API 598 API 6D
Applicable medium: water, oil, gas, acetic acid, nitric acid and other media
Material body: WCB CF8 CF8M CF3 CF3M
The price is negotiable


1. Product overview

Double eccentric semi-ball valve are used in petroleum, chemical, electric power and metallurgy industries.Since the product put on the market, by the customer's affirmation.

1: the valve structure adopts the principle of eccentric tightening, through the transmission mechanism to achieve the purpose of tightening, adjusting, closing, sealing ring and ball are metal surface ring with hard surface contact seal, double eccentric structure valve in the opening of the ball hidden in the valve cavity, large flow surface, and the valve is not scour, no flow.When closed, the spool will not be scour, when closed, the spool spherical progressive along the seat, with shear function, effectively remove the scaling barrier, to achieve reliable sealing.It is particularly effective for medium transport where scaling is easy.

2: the valve and the hemisphere USES the bimetal, surfacing different alloy on the sphere, the seat seat also makes the corresponding surfacing alloy, through the special treatment, the sealing surface combination into the anticorrosive, wear-resisting, high temperature resistant and other types, to meet the different occasions.

3: tight seal, conveying harmful gas can reach zero leakage.The fourth feature: the valve seat and the ball have the compensation amount, when the valve seat is worn, turn a little more when the valve seat is closed, still can seal reliably, prolong the service life, in addition, the user will unscrew a pressure plate bolt, the valve seat is still available after adjusting or replacing, avoid many valve seal failure the drawback of the whole set scrapped.

According to the user needs to surfacing welding different alloys, bimetal seal ring can be used for wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other requirements of strict sealing different industrial sectors.

2. Products features

1, universal valve: suitable for sewage treatment, pulp, aluminum oxide, city heating and heating requirements of the occasion.

2, oil and chemical special valve: applicable to crude oil, heavy oil and other oil products, chemical industry corrosion resistance, two-phase mixed flow medium.Temperature resistance up to 425℃.

3, special gas valve: suitable for gas, natural gas, liquefied gas transmission control.The structure of the product is characterized by different chromium - containing alloy sealing ring surfacing valve, tight seal, corrosion resistance.

4, slurry special valve: applicable to liquid, solid two-phase mixed flow or liquid transport chemical reaction crystallization or scaling industrial pipeline transport.Product structure characteristics according to the customer needs different media, temperature requirements, the ball USES chromium molybdenum, vanadium alloy surfacing welding, seat USES chromium, molybdenum alloy, chromium alloy, stainless steel alloy welding rod surfacing to meet the needs of different slurry transport.

5. Pulverized coal ash and slag special valve: suitable for power plant, hydraulic slag removal or gas conveying pipe control.The product requires wear-resisting performance, the ball USES the combination ball type bimetal, has the quite high rigidity and the very wear-resisting, the seat USES the whole wear-resisting steel or the full surfacing welding.

3. Main external dimensions


Connection size
Class 1502"14016512792266.48-φ19